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DMS Environmental Services, LLC originally formed in 2002 as Mahaffey Laboratory, LTD d/b/a DMS Environmental Services. This subsidiary was originally conceived and founded to provide geologic, hydrogeologic, environmental and compliance consulting services to residential, commercial, industrial, insurance and utility companies. DMS Environmental Services quickly grew and subsequently separated from its parent corporation to become DMS Environmental Services, LLC (DMSE), in April 2004. Growth and expansion continued in November of 2008 with the acquisition of Blair Petroleum Maintenance & Construction (BPM&C). The acquisition of BPM&C offers DMSE the unique opportunity to provide turn-key services for many of its storage tank customers while providing in-house support personnel and equipment to complete environmental remediation and general construction related activities.

DMSE's philosophy and goals are simple: strive to exceed customer expectations by maintaining a staff of talented, highly-qualified, well-trained, and eager professionals dedicated to providing quality services. Occasionally our clients and projects require expertise beyond what our staff can provide. Specialized project needs are satisfied by our network of associated professionals, including chemists, risk assessment specialists, civil and structural engineers, attorneys, and safety consultants. Our support network enables DMSE to provide clients with a wide range of services customized to each project while maintaining small-company customer service and cost-effectiveness. DMSE prides itself in maintaining strict control on the quality of services while providing responsive, cost-effective approaches without sacrificing expertise or professionalism.

The staff of DMS Environmental consists of Professional Engineers, Professional Geologists, Staff Geoscientists, Engineers-in-training, Environmental Scientists, and Environmental Technicians. Our range of disciplines enable DMSE to provide a wide range of services including natural resource evaluation and development, environmental assessments and remediation, geologic and hydrogeologic investigations, and regulatory compliance. Our central location in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, offers us the unique capability of providing responsive and cost-effective service to clients across Pennsylvania and the immediately surrounding states. Our location is important for our natural gas industry clients as we are close to the heart of the Marcellus Shale Fairway.